Pilot Emergency Parachutes

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National Emergency Parachutes

Patty Wagstaff endorses the National Emergency Parachute she wears
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We are an authorized dealer for National Emergency Parachutes.  Manufactured by National Parachute Industries, Inc. the National Emergency Parachute line is the most popular pilot's emergency parachute in use today.  Used by world renowned aerobatic competitors, we at Maule Air Texas are proud to be a dealer for National.  You can choose from a variety of styles, including back, seat, or chair style parachutes; colors; fabrics; hardware; and trim materials.  Give us a call to discuss your needs and place an order.

Softie Emergency Parachutes

Softie Emergency Parachutes
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We sell the complete line of Softie emergency parachutes by ParaPhernalia.  You can order a variety of configurations and harness designs including conventional, aerobatic, and custom.  The most popular designs are the seat (sit) pack style and the long chair back style.  Call us for a brochure and to place an order.

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